What is AI-EVOL?

We are specialists in programming and management of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

We help our clients develop AI roadmaps that optimize their service processes, making them more productive and efficient.

Our professionals are certified in the management of: EDW, Datalake, Lakehouse, Big Data, Data Science and Structured and Unstructured Data Integrations.

Our services

We have highly trained specialists to meet your objectives.

circleArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Our AI and ML solutions include comprehensive and intuitive machine learning tools. We reduce risks, optimize resources and enhance processes.


circleData Management


We have professionals in engineering, architecture and data management capable of creating information pipelines, ETLs, data marts, data warehouses or data lakes. You will be able to have a reliable business analysis based on data and real time.


circleEDW, Datalake and Lakehouse Design and Implementation


You will be able to store and process data in different formats to keep a correct and orderly record of information.

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circleDescriptive Analytics


All your team members responsible for decision making will get the reliable information they need. Our service offers a transparent, understandable and easy-to-use interface.

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circleAdvanced Analytics


Make the best decisions by anticipating various scenarios based on predictive data analysis, where you will discover patterns and observe trends.

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circleAnalytical Consulting


Monetize your organization’s valuable data and drive insight, process improvement and innovation. Our specialists will design a strategy and define the processes required to capture the value of your data.

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Our values

The pillars that support the high value of our services


We think outside the box to transform every aspect of our projects and solutions.


We have agile methodologies that give our clients the freedom to explore options and change direction as they see fit.

High Quality

Our certified specialists are the demonstration of the high standard we offer in all our services, always with great professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.


Each step of the process is carefully controlled to ensure that objectives are met.

WEEK 1 – 2


Data collection and
process mapping

WEEK 2 – 10


Data science and
machine learning

WEEK 10 – 11


Deployment and